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Matches Played

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Total Records: 36
Saturday 1st XI (VTCA:Steve McNamara Shield Division 2)
Saturday 2nd XI (VTCA:Fred Jamieson Shield Division 2 Seconds)
Under 11 CUBS Gold (WRJCA:Under 11 B West CUBS)
Under 11 CUBS Green (WRJCA:Under 11 B West CUBS)
Saturday 3rd XI (WDCA:One Day (16 Round))
Under 11 CUBS Green (WRJCA:Under 11 B South CUBS)
Sunday 1st XI (VTCA:Glenn Scarborough Shield D2)
Not Fielding Team (WRJCA:Under 13 A Friday)
Under 13 (WRJCA:Under 13 B Friday South)
Under 11A (WRJCA:Under 11 A Friday West)
Not Fielding Team (WRJCA:Under 13 B Sat South)
1 Debono, John-Paul00000010000
2 Diacono, Harry00000010000
3 Juricic, Daniel00000010000
4 Galappaththi, Dayan00000010000
5 Jayasinghe, Nilantha00000010000
6 Brooks, Jack00000000200
7 Samarawickrame, Chitral C00000010000
8 Tyssera, Madushka00000010000
9 Jeffrey, Seth00000000200
10 Karunatilake, Lalindra00000010000
11 Durose, Jacob00000000200
12 Riley, Mitchell00000000200
13 Piyathunga, Sagara N00000010000
14 Gunawardane, Dudley00000010000
15 Korbut, Ronan00000000200
16 Korbut, Ben00000000200
17 Prasanna, Vethik00000000010
18 Mittal, Aarav00100000000
19 Gopal, Siddharth00100000000
20 Ali Mir, Arham00000000200
21 Moog, Milo00000000100
22 Mayadunne, Samitha A00000010000
23 Hyde, Edward00100000000
24 Ghosh, Souryo00000000200
25 Jennings, Joshua00000000200
26 Singh, Maheer00000000010
27 Mahesh, Sachiv00000000200
28 Mali, Aryan00000000010
29 Mali, Arush00000000010
30 Moog, Oscar00000000010
31 Kode, Vikas00000000010
32 Gupta, Aryan00100000000
33 Purcell, Lleyton00000000200
34 Purcell, Kaedan00000000010
35 Zhong, Jacky00100000000
36 Saunders, Cooper00100000000
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Total Records: 36
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